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10 Double-Edge Razor Blades

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A 10-pack of the very finest double-edge razor blades. Designed for use with the Scimitar double-edge razor, Cutlass double-edge razor, replaceable blade straight razor and other similar instruments. Please take care when handling as these blades are very sharp and are poised to bite the unwary!

Barbers: Always use a new blade for each client and dispose of all used blades responsibly.

At home: Razor blades are sharp, we advise you not to juggle with them and to dispose of them responsibly.


By design, these blades are necessarily sharp. We strongly advise caution when working with them – they bite if you’re not respectful!


It is illegal to purchase razor blades and razors in the UK when under the age of 18. By purchasing through our website you are confirming that you are over the age of 18 when purchasing these items. We use age verification services and reserve the right to cancel your order if you are under 18.